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MY GUIDE (2013)

(Újratervezés) '12 

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An elderly couple in the traffic. The wife chitchats, warns, controls. She is a policeman, a GPS and a commentator, all at once. The husband growls or strikes out. This is how their world works. But life is a constant replanning...


​​Writer: Barnabás Tóth​, Director of Photography: Gábor Marosi

​Music: László Pirisi​, Sound: János Kőporosy​, Editor: Barnabás Tóth​Producer:  Art Center Csokonai, Laokoon Filmgroup

​Director: Barnabás Tóth

Cast: Judit Pogány, Zsolt Kovács



Awards: Indianapolis Heartland Film Festival - Best US premiere, AISFF Seoul - Audience Award, 

Hungarian Film Critics Award, 

​Festivals: Montreal, Bristol, Helsinki, Brest, Friss Hús, Berlin Interfilm, Miskolc Cinefest, 
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